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10 Confusing Photos That Will Take You a Minute to Understand

You might want to keep a bib nearby because these pictures might make your eyes fall out of your head and jconteust dangle from your body, ruining your shirt with their eye gunk.

OK, that was really gross, and I apologize. But, these 29 pictures taken from crazy perspectives, will make you do a double-take.

They’ll make your brain explode. You might not know what you’re looking at.

Either that’s an insanely huge giraffe, a teeny tiny plane, or there’s some perspective being played with here. I guess it’s the last one, but it would be so cool if it were the first.

On this beach in the Canary Islands, the rocks look like popcorn! I wonder if they feel like popcorn when you’re walking all over them.

I can see a dog mounted on a wall! In reality, He’s just really good at hiding his body under him.

If I were this woman, who clearly has a foot instead of a hand, any time someone introduced themselves to me, I’d be like, “Nice to feet you.” I’ll be here all week!

I don't know why my brain finds it hard to figure out what's going on, difficult to understand Chair illusion

This is an optical illusion come to life. What what WHAT is happening with those chair legs?

Cotton harvesting looks like a rock concert at night

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